Why Did We Manufacture Cleaning Products?

As a trimmer for the last 35 years, when handing over a newly trimmed or restored car. I am constantly asked by the owners, what do you recommend cleaning / caring for the interior with. At that time in the early eighties there wasn’t really many products available. The choices were soapy water, Neatsfoot / Linseed oil, or a cream of sorts, or worse non dedicated household cleaners.

Leather cleaner

Most of the automotive leathers that were made up to the late Eighties used a Cellulose based colour top coat, which although very hard wearing would also over time dry out the leather causing it to crack, liberally coating the leather in a natural oil, was the only way of making the leather supple again. This sometimes left the leather greasy to the touch.

Around the early to mid-Nighties the surface of the leather change to water-based paint and a sealer coat due to environmental reasons, but the base leather is still tanned using the same process’s.


Over the last few decades I have used most of the products that are available, but when asked to recommend a cleaning product, I always struggled as my cleaning cupboard was full of different manufacturers to get a product for every cleaning task I required.  

This frustration of a lack of suitable products that worked for me, and the constant questioning by customers & visitors to our workshop, recently led me to undertake a two-year process of developing our own products.


The first products we developed was the Leather Cleaner, too gently clean the leather and remove everyday grime, this product can be used on a regular basis. It also contains a subtle leather aroma to give your interior that lovely leather smell back.

The Classic Leather Oil for keeping your older unsealed leather supple, but without leaving the leather with a greasy finish.

The Leather Balm for your newer sealed leathers, it leave’s the surface with a nice satin finish, enhancing the leather’s appearance and leaving a pleasant leather aroma.


After my team were happy how these products performed after months of testing, especially when used together. We decided to go all out and develop a complete interior care range to compliment these first products. 

We are very proud of our product range, the feedback from fellow trimmers, magazine editors, professional detailers & customers who have used them has been very positive. 

Give them a try, or pop in so we can demonstrate how to use them. We are always here to help and obviously talk cars.


Keep an eye open on our social outlets for how to videos in the future.