Rob O’Rourke is regarded as the best in the business.
— Octane Magazine


We are dedicated to the accurate restoration or recreation of classic road and racing car interiors to world-class standards.

A correct interior is an essential element for success on the concours field and our work continues to win major awards at the world's most prestigious Concours d’Elegance.


Classic Ferrari 

The award-winning interiors we have created for rare and valuable Ferraris includes models such as 250 GTO, SWB, California Spider, Tour de France, 212 and 275 NART Spider.

This work has led us to reproduce many of the discontinued or unavailable Ferrari parts and materials you will find in our store.




Challenging, unusual or unique interiors are our forte. Highly specialised work requiring extensive research or what we call 'Carchaeology'.

For example the Dymaxion designed by Buckminister Fuller where, through our forensic approach, we were able to reproduce the original material.


As many Ferrari interior parts and materials are no longer available we manufacture items such as seat frames, foams, carpets, leathers, vinyl, rubber mats and gear knobs as well as car care products.

We possess an extensive archive of original items as reference to ensure authenticity.