246 GTS Dino V8 Evolution.

The Dino has always been admired for its design and beauty. However, some owners are a little let down by the engine’s performance. Something Kevin O'Rourke of Mototechnique set out to rectify when he built his own version of the Dino featuring a V8 engine from a 328, 355 throttle bodies and an injection system providing around 300hp.


Kevin was approached by a Ferrari collector wishing to purchase his masterpiece. After years of hard work and development he couldn't part with his V8 Dino. Instead he offered to build another, giving the customer the opportunity to change the specification who brought to the table ideas to increase power to 400hp. This was achieved by using a 3.6L Ferrari V8 block with 348 cylinder heads, titanium con rods, bespoke cam and crank shafts, custom pistons, fuel injected throttle bodies and fly by wire throttle. All this power needed to be controlled by fully adjustable custom Koni coilovers and Ferrari 360 brakes hiding under brand new custom forged 17" (opposed to the original 14") Campagnola style wheels wrapped in Pirelli rubber.

Along with the technical upgrades, there are a few subtle cosmetic changes, including the covered headlights, with no visible fixings and a custom perspex engine cover to show off that magnificent V8 and polished velocity stacks.

Then came our involvement. The customer was keen to keep the interior the same as an original Dino so we opted for Connolly VM 3171 with O'Rourke Supplies’ fantastic Italian Wilton carpet. Daytona-style seats were chosen to match the flared arches in homage to the original flares and chairs Dinos. There are some very subtle changes to an original interior, first of all the gear knob is aluminium, similar to the one found in a 250 GTO. The rear bulkhead is now a removable panel to allow for easier servicing. To keep the fixings hidden we extended the rear 1/4 panels to cover them. The last change is the custom fabricated panel housing the new fly-by-wire throttle pedal. Everything else was trimmed as per an original Dino.

O'Rourke supplies provided Dino door pockets, rubber heel mats, Dino grain vinyl, Daytona seat strips along with the new seat foams, these parts are all available here.

Video below from Jay Leno's Garage discussing and driving the car.