1970 RHD Ferrari Daytona.

We recently completed a sympathetic restoration of the interior of a rare and very original 'Plexiglass' Ferrari 365 GTB/4 'Daytona'. Our brief was preservation over replacement and therefore we retained as many of the original materials and fabrics as possible because the original interior was completely untouched bar new but incorrect floor mats. This project gave us a new set of challenges but proved to be a thoroughly enjoyable.

The interior laid out after being removed from the car.

The interior laid out after being removed from the car.

We dyed the original mousehair on the dashboard as the original had turned almost white in some places.

We carefully removed the original leather steering wheel cover and replaced the crumbling inner with our remanufactured steering wheel foam, before re-fitting the cover and precisely re-stitching it.

The original sun visors and headlining required little more than a gentle clean, the rest of the interior vinyl required more of a deep clean and in some areas repairs were required as the original covers had some light wear and tear.

All of the leather trim was cleaned using O'Rourke interior care products and treated with our soon to be released leather softening oil and then protected with our leather sealant. 

Sadly the cabin carpets were beyond saving, but as we supply Italian wool carpet we were able to perfectly match the original colours. So we set about templating and remaking all of the cabin carpets, we also supplied our correct remanufactured rubber heel mats for a Plexi Daytona which differ from the later pop-up headlight cars.