O'Rourke Coachtrimmers & Supplies



Known simply as Rorky, Robert O'Rourke was mentored from an early age by an Italian artisan and has relentlessly honed his skills since. 

Whilst continuing the traditional skills Rorky also embraces advances in technology and with his 30 years of experience is recognised as one of the best in the industry.

Rorky has a reputation for enthusiasm and integrity and is regarded as a leading authority in classic Ferrari interiors. As a consequence his extensive knowledge of the subtle nuances in detail is much valued by owners and restorers. 



As Workshop Manager and head of O'Rourke supplies, AJ Pink has developed an encyclopaedic knowledge of the critical details necessary to restore an interior to original specification.

AJ manages client projects at every stage; from initial appraisal and advising on work required to achieve the desired result, to scheduling and supervising workflow whilst regularly updating the client.

AJ also sources hard to find discontinued interior hardware and materials and manages the remanufacture where original items are no longer available.


Glenndon has a vast experience in terms of both creativity and historical correctness. Both elements being key to the great repute attained for his work within the world of stage and screen as a highly skilled costumier. 

As you can image commissions were often challenging in the extreme, Saxon or Sci-Fi, the results had to be convincing. Deep research into the minutiae of periods past through to the creative flair essential to clothe in style yet unknown.

Glenndon measures up, literally, in his own role here at O’Rourke, where your car is the star.


With 32 years experience in the industry Hugh was responsible for the upholstery of MK IV AC Cobras manufactured by Autokraft at Brooklands. 

Hugh has also created awarded-winning custom car upholstery as well as trimming work for well-known Dutch classic car restoration specialist, Bart Holland. 

Hugh also has extensive experience in other areas of upholstery including fitting out of custom yacht and private aircraft interiors which requires a similar high level of quality and attention to detail as our automotive projects demand.