Known simply as Rorky, Robert O'Rourke was mentored from an early age by an Italian artisan and has relentlessly honed his skills since. 

Whilst continuing the traditional skills Rorky also embraces advances in technology and with his 30 years of experience is recognised as one of the best in the industry.

Rorky has a reputation for enthusiasm and integrity and is regarded as a leading authority in classic Ferrari interiors. As a consequence his extensive knowledge of the subtle nuances in detail is much valued by owners and restorers. 



As Workshop Manager and head of O'Rourke supplies, AJ Pink has developed an encyclopaedic knowledge of the critical details necessary to restore an interior to original specification.

AJ manages client projects at every stage; from initial appraisal and advising on work required to achieve the desired result, to scheduling and supervising workflow whilst regularly updating the client.

AJ also sources hard to find discontinued interior hardware and materials and manages the remanufacture where original items are no longer available.

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Committed is one word to describe Simon, but dynamic, creative or meticulous are equally fitting.

Originally training as a designer, his career as an automotive trimmer began two decades ago. Simon has earned a tremendous wealth of knowledge from his full-time work in the industry. As a coachtrimmer with an eye for design and fine detail, the level of experience he brings to the team cannot be underestimated.

Commitment, Simon travels 81 miles to, and from, work. He’s happy to do so as he loves his work and the gratification it provides.  




Born into a household with a trim shop attached, Lorenzo was destined to follow in his father’s footsteps. While on the subject, it was his father who Rorky trained and worked under in his teens, so it seems fitting Rorky passes the knowledge he learned back into his former mentors son.

Lorenzo has two roles here at O’Rourke, firstly he is an apprentice trimmer, learning from Rorky and Simon while working alongside them. Secondly, he is in charge of picking and packing customer orders for Supplies, an essential role that ensures you receive your parts swiftly and in perfect condition.