Dymaxion car 2

Dymaxion car 2

This is the only surviving Dymaxion of the three originally built. This wonderfully futuristic piece of automotive history is on display once again at the National automobile Museum in Nevada USA, after its restoration in the UK. This project was completed on time and budget to O'Rourkes well known high standard.

Starting with a blank canvas, team O'rourke set to work and through extensive research we believe we have re created the interior as faithfully as possible. Including many of the original feature that we discovered in our research.

This car is nearly 80 years old and still provokes an air of excitement and intrigue unlike any other car we have seen.

The Original car with the proud team, after another successful re-trim.

The original wooden slat roof ready for trimming.

We used a special waterproof membrane as a base. Pulled taught to create an even surface

Vinyl roof trimmed to perfection at Crosswaite&Gardiner to keep the car on schedule

We had nothing to work with, so all panels needed to be custom made to fit.

How the car arrived at O'Rourke Coachtrimmers. Ready for a new handmade interior.

Aluminum panels test fitted to the car.

The 56 handmade aluminum panels were fabricated in house

All we had from the original interior were the back seats and half the front seat.

The remains of the front seat ready for total restoration.

Labeled and numbered the seats were carefully stripped.

rear seat base prior to horse hair padding.

Rear seat trimmed and fitted into the car.

More custom fabrication, these strips will be used to protect the steps.

Note the detail on the seat back, this was created by taking measurements from the original.

This clearly shows the perfectly re-created sunburst pattern, also the roof lights to match the original.

The tricky panels above and below the windscreen show high levels of craftsmanship.

Front seats, with original detailing on the sides.