This is Dymaxion number four.  Originally Buckminster Fuller created three in the 1930`s and only one of those survives today.  Crosthwaite & Gardiner were commissioned to recreate this extraordinary vehicle and O`Rourke Coachtrimmers were chosen to create an interior using their expertise.  The Dymaxion arrived with no interior and O'Rourkes were given a very short deadline to complete the job.  Robert's 26 years worth of knowledge and skill helped to ensure that this project was carried out completely satisfactory and on time.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's a Dymaxion and it's a unique challenge.

A daunting prospect for most..... but not for us !

Woodwork completed, it's time for the trim.

With nothing but a deadline...

Trimming the inner wheel arches.

Roof prepared ready for headlining.

Rods fabricated in house made for suspended headlining.

Picture above shows rear view periscope in roof.

The half of the front seat we had to work with.

O'Rourke Coachtrimmers relish a challenge, such as the one off fabrication of alley panels.

O`Rourke Coachtrimmers have in house metal working facilities saving time and money.

Centre console foamed & ready for leather.

Console & carpets fitted.

Buckmaster Fuller's art deco design on the rear shelf door.

Behind the cubby door lurks even more detail.

The contrast of the colours work very well.

O`Rourke Coachtrimmers were sad to see the Dymaxion leave the workshop.

Overmatts fitted, the Dymaxion awaits its gearstick.

The interior gets plenty of natural light.

Each of the 4 doors required fabrication of 7 hand finished aluminium panels prior to trim.

Rear spacious cabin.

The lights in the roof gave the cabin an impressive atmosphere.

Cabin overview.

Front seat base section ready for fitting to vehicle.

The headlining has mirrored portholes in the roof for a periscope rear view mirror.

With no original interior to replicate, drawings were used for guidance.

Cable steering rear wheel cover hidden under dash.

"A" post & top window capping, both challenging to fabricate in aluminium.

Overview of finished cabin.

Detailed interior shot.

The original Dymaxions were built in the 1930`s & 80 years later the vehicle still captures attention.